Guest Posts, Promotions & Commissioned Content

Vox Populi PH is a Philippine-based digital magazine and platform with a growing readership and an all-organic and all-authentic online presence. We accept paid, commissioned guest posts from professionals and businesses who require blog outreach and guest posting services for backlinking purposes or SEO. Proceeds will be used to maintain the website and pay for other costs of maintaining our publication. We also accept commissioned pieces for publication outside the website.

You can find us through the following search terms:

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What does “paid, commissioned guest posts” mean? To maintain the integrity of our publication, we will only rarely accept ordinary articles meant to promote other websites. Our editorial standards are quite strict, and ordinary web writing will likely not suffice. A workaround for the traditional guest post is for you to commission a well-written article from us. The commissioned content can contain up to 2 DF links. Cost will vary depending on the topic, and will depend entirely on our editorial discretion.

We will not accept commissioned content, posts, or guest posts from the following markets: gambling/casinos, cannabis dispensaries, pornography, and related markets, and other gray-area markets and illegal businesses.

We hope to build a working relationship with your business through informative articles that will respond to you for SEO and promotional needs while we maintain our quality standards for our readership. All decisions to accept pitches will be up to us, and any rejections are final.

If you are interested in commissioning a guest post, review, special feature, or any other type of content for posting on our website, simply contact our Head of Marketing today ( Local payments accepted as well as PayPal and