Aftermath (Drawn Out)

About the Book

Aftermath (Drawn Out) has a voice who recognizes and explores the remnants of an abandoned home, the history of pain and struggle among family, and finding healing in the unexpected places. By coming to terms of what has already passed but still hurts, the voice learns to leave the house and see in transit, people, objects, and events, their wish to heal and have wholeness. It is only in nature does the voice find the healing and growth they so longed for.

Aftermath and Love Birds were published in the English-language section of the No. 50 issue of 聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine. Dear Overseer, and White Caterpillar are in The Rising Phoenix Review. Apartment, Screen Door, and Ghosts are in the ENOUGH series of The Rumpus.

About the Author

Julienne Maui Castelo Mangawang finished BA Asian Studies at the University of Santo Tomas. She is taking up her MA in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines — Diliman. She writes poems, short stories, and essays. Her writing is published in 聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, ALPAS Journal, Inklette Magazine, The Rising Phoenix Review, Revolt Magazine PH, Vox Populi PH, and is forthcoming in the ENOUGH section of The Rumpus. She loves gardening, dogs, and esotericism.

Cover Design

These poems were all written by Julienne Maui Castelo Mangawang while the art was painted by her friend, Karen Allison D. Ungos. Maui continues her journey in this physical world learning and growing until it is time to go.

Book Details

Title: Aftermath (Drawn Out)
Author: Julienne Maui C. Mangawang
Book type: Softbound, Matte Cover
Paper Type: Cream Paper
Book Size: 5 inches × 7 inches
Number of Pages: 72 pages
Price: 150 PHP (PDF), 255 PHP (Softbound)