Vox Populi PH is the home of Contemporary Philippine Literature and Youth Writing. This publication is led by an organization of young writers who want to create new, critical spaces for literature, analysis, and community journalism for readers of all ages in the Philippines.

Our Mission

  • To support Filipino youth writing by providing digital and physical platforms to convey the ongoing evolution of contemporary Philippine literature.
  • To provide means of support, including training, especially to the youth.
  • To create multiple threads of publications that will reveal the aspirations and contradictions of writing in the country.

Our Vision

  • To establish new territories of writing and creative production in the Philippines, well away from the influences of the powers that be.
  • To make writing possible outside the institutional ‘creative circuits’ and to give more opportunities for writers to hone their craft and establish their stakes and position within the ideological battlefields of Philippine literature.

Our History

Vox Populi PH was founded on August 24, 2020 by like-minded individuals who wanted to help hone the rising breed of youth writers in the Philippines.

What began as a small group of writers who wanted to introduce literary criticism to their generation soon evolved into a larger organization with a digital publication arm, a physical print arm, and a group with multimedia broadcast segments.

Following in the footsteps of belligerent literature in other regions, the publication is currently led by Maria Kristelle C. Jimenez, Jay-ar G. Paloma, and Marius D. Carlos, Jr., Vox Populi PH remains true to its calling of creating contemporary literature and media that adumbrates not just Philippine society but the world.