Good governance will provide well-deserved politicians

I’m Abi Bagabaldo, an independent congressional candidate in Quezon’s second district. I had thought of running because our area is caged by political dynasties; hence, the proliferation of corruption in our local government. It’s about time someone young and qualified with a platform founded in good governance challenges them out of position.

But what is good governance? We so often hear it being mentioned in political agendas; yet it can seldom be seen implemented. Good governance is when there is transparency in leadership (especially those who handle budget). Good governance is when the leader is a role model and abuses neither power nor privileges. Good governance is when there is discourse with both constituents and experts to find fitting and data-driven solutions. Good governance is upholding the dignity of the individual above all else.

Yes, good governance can be so many things–much more than the mentioned; but one simple note to pay attention to: the only way to spark true change in our country is to elect leaders who will advocate and bring about good governance.

That’s why my votes– as someone who will also have to choose leaders for our country and other local positions– are dedicated to candidates whom I am certain will bring about good governance. I will vote for those who have clean track records, ample experiences, and sound platforms (answering the how not just the what).

I know that Filipinos are finally breaking free from traditional politics, and we are finally choosing those who are not just knowledgeable but are truly trustworthy (not simply those who can hand over a 500-peso bill from time to time!). I can only hope for the best in the upcoming elections.

Blessings upon our beloved Philippines!

About the Contributor: Abi Bagabaldo is a writer-educator, and currently running as an independent congressional candidate in Quezon province.

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