Purple Crystal

It was interesting that day for the Rebel Survivor. A bright purple crystal light caught her attention. It was afternoon, every cosmic floater can feel the intense heat in Etara, and the Rebel Survivor barely notices if other floaters see the purple crystal light. 

As she floats near the bright light that eventually fades in a matter of split seconds, she finds this strange-looking entity floating at the bottom of the crystal. It was skinny and with a body that can probably stand or walk instead of float. The rebel survivor glances at the strange being and takes her time to compare her body composition to his. A few moments later, this strange-looking entity started opening his eyes, looking confused and scared. 

He started to look around, convincing himself to be calm and collected, and finally realize that the Alien must be trying to communicate and ask him questions. The Alien looks like a cosmic gray being with long flowing hair and a body surrounded by tiny stars like a galaxy. 

Still, in shock, his eyes were wide open, his jaw dropped, and without hesitation, he held the crystal firmly and started to introduce himself as The Doctor and tried to remember what exactly happened to him. He visited his Uncle in Florida days ago, and in one of the drawers in his Uncle’s room, he was fascinated with the purple crystal which shines and shakes rapidly. He thought there was something creepy inside the drawer. As soon as he touched it, the purple crystal produces light brighter than the sun, and that’s all he could remember.

When the Doctor was accidentally teleported to their planet Etara and met the Rebel Survivor named Vruxen, he first learned to communicate to all the cosmic floaters by holding the purple crystal. From there, he befriends Vruxen to learn about Etara, its people (cosmic floaters), and how she can help him during his stay.

He is currently hiding at Vruxen’s place in Valcharl and making himself comfortable. He loves reading books during his past time when he was living in Florida. From Vruxen’s room, he noticed some reading materials that resemble a book but are on alien writing, and obviously, he can’t read it. To survive, he drinks Etara water. He once tried the toast Vruxen cooked for her, but he kept on puking shortly after.

Days and months have passed, and the Doctor is getting closer to Vruxen. He thought she was taking good care of him, and if ever he needs anything, she is always ready to help. Now, he can survive by drinking Etara water, a special toast with tamest and cob made especially for him.

During the night when they are having dinner, Vruxen mentioned The Manipulator. He is the ruler of planet Etara and is very familiar with human existence, and he doesn’t like how humans behave compared to other species. According to him, humans are evil as they kill each other, even animals and other creatures because they think they are the most superior living creatures in the entire universe. The Doctor defended humankind that not all humans are evil. “Just like them, we all make mistakes because of the choices we make. Maybe some of us think that the planet is headed in the right direction if we sacrifice other species living in it. But perhaps it’s the other way around. Who knows? They have reasons to do it. One thing I am sure though, it’s for survival.”

Because of Vruxen’s warning, he prepares himself to get back to Earth. He is an intelligent human being and has high hopes of finding his way home as soon as possible because he might get killed by the other floaters, especially The Manipulator.

Until recently, he’s been having second thoughts about leaving. Leaving Etara means living without Vruxen. It is unconventional, but he might not be her type, but for what it’s worth, it still makes him question his feelings for her. He couldn’t believe that an alien is much nicer than some of the people on Earth.

Surprisingly, Vruxen felt the same way for him. Vruxen tries to resist her feelings for the Doctor. She was aware of the consequences. Besides, he can’t stay as long as Altis Top Morgan, the Manipulator; also, Vruxen’s ex-husband is alive. If he finds out that there’s a human living with her in Valcharl, he will explode in anger and kill him. ​

She kept reminding herself that he is just an alien friend who needs her to get back to Earth, whatever it takes, so she is determined to help him escape with the help of the purple crystal.

Two of Altis Top Morgan’s servants went to Valcharl and saw the Doctor and Vruxen smitten with each other. As soon as Altis Top Morgan found out, he immediately went there and instantly went berserk. He chooses to fight the Doctor to win his ex-wife back. Both were surprised and confronted him. Nothing is going on between them, and Vruxen will help The Doctor get back to Earth. Out of hatred for humankind and jealousy, Altis Top Morgan starts to kill him. He started shooting beam stars from his gun, which caused a massive explosion to the primary target. Luckily, The Doctor defends himself against the Manipulator with the help of Toris’ shield. This mighty sharp heater shield, made from iron, offers an unbreakable defense, especially against the Manipulator’s explosive gun. The edges are reinforced with small metal studs and symmetrical paintwork. This shield shall always stand between its ruler and death.

The fight continued, and Altis Top Morgan’s aim was almost on point, but the shield was too powerful. The Doctor was also sharp-looking after the shooting beam stars as he quickly floats against them. Thinking that Toris’ shield protection is not enough to fight Altis, he searched for and found Vruxen’s beam gun. The overall length and weight of this weapon are good enough like a pistol, and it also produces a massive explosion in the form of yellow crystals. The name of this weapon is the 30-VXN, but it usually goes by its nickname, Moonlit. He started shooting from Altis Top Morgan’s distance and surprisingly hit the target. Altis was severely wounded, but he quickly recovered because he got help from his two servants. 

The battle is not over, and the Doctor continues shooting and finds his luck killing the other two servants but apparently, Doctor was severely injured.

Vruxen started to scream and went in The Doctor’s direction, but Altis Top Morgan blocks her. They both looked into each other’s eyes and paused for a while. Then Vruxen apologizes if she can’t love him back anymore. If the baby they conceived five years ago was not killed by his brother Selahs, things might have changed. She wants freedom and true love. Altis asked for her forgiveness, and from that point, Vruxen and Altis Top Morgan’s ultimate finality as the Doctor gave three shooting beam stars.

At that moment, the Manipulator dies with sorrow. The Doctor floats quickly to Vruxen and asks the question, “Are you okay?”. The Vruxen replied, “Let’s get out of here,” and both hugged each other.

Two days after the fight, The Doctor spoke to Vruxen and mentioned that he is ready to come back to Earth. He thanked her for everything and felt guilty for what happened to his ex-husband. Vruxen nodded and said goodbye to him. If ever he needs a friend, he can always come back using the purple crystal.

The cosmic floaters decided Vruxen to replace Altis as their ruler.

The Doctor holds the purple crystal firmly and whispers, “Take me back to Florida, Earth,” and in a split second, he returns to his Uncle’s room. He keeps the crystal and slowly walks out through the door like a burglar.   

Dianne Kristel Landicho

I am Dianne and an aspirating writer. I started my love for writing when I was young when I became a feature editor of our school newspaper. Fast forward to 2020, I started to rediscover my passion for it, and as a way of expanding my creativity too. I am submitting one of my creations because I want to share it with the people who might appreciate my craft and find what feels good to me. After all, writing is something therapeutic.

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