Android Game Review: Secret Cat Forest

Secret Cat Forest by IDEASAM is a casual Android game focused on building a home for an entire community of cats. You play as the invisible homeowner who gradually furnishes a house to attract more and more cats into the fold.

This wallpaper is a freebie after you get the right combination of cats at any one time. You can unlock content like this by consulting with the cat encyclopedia in the inventory.

Secret Cat Forest’s main charm lies in the game’s laid-back approach and the progression structure. Secret Cat Forest is free-to-play and offers critical in-game purchases for people who want to progress more quickly. The game’s primary resources are wood and fish. The invisible protagonist uses wood to craft all the items in the house, except for special and event-exclusive items. The player can craft special items by picking up parts while fishing.

Cats consume fish when they visit the home, so you must upgrade the fish capacity (or silo) as you progress with the game. The more furniture you craft, the more cats you attract, and the more fish you will need with each visit to the game. The player can periodically harvest wood from the Infinity Tree. The Infinity Tree’s production pace is primarily determined by its level. You can also upgrade the Infinity Tree by picking up potions while fishing.

I have been playing Secret Cat Forest for about two weeks now, and I think it’s an essentially good game if you’re into slow-burn casual games and if you don’t mind waiting for wood. You have the option of buying wood for $6-$20 each time, but honestly, it’s not necessary if you’re only after a Tamagotchi-like gaming experience, with cats coming in and out of the house as they please. Secret Cat Forest isn’t a perfect time waster because you can only do so much each time you open the game. Still, if you’re interested in installing unique decorative items, there are always in-app game purchases.

Bonus: How to Unlock the Basement Below

Cats are associated with items or a combination of items, hence, the art.

There are two additional areas that you can unlock in the game. You can open a medium-sized site with many furniture options in the original house by unlocking the Secret Room.

The Golden Cushion is required to enter the Basement/Below (Secret Room). I.C.U. Cushions and Golden Cushions can be found in the same section of the store.

To build the Golden Cushion, you’ll need nearly nine thousand wood and ten hours of production time. Check to see if the Golden Cushion has a cat sitting on it once crafting is done. To collect the Golden Key, you must first tap the Golden Cushion, which then lifts to reveal a hidden Golden Key.

The game will open the Basement area or Secret Room when the Key is in your inventory. Tap on the small door on the side of the house to see what’s inside. The game will reveal an empty basement immediately. Now is the time to get crafting.

The full view of the ground floor of the house’s interior will be obscured when looking down the basement. Tap the arrow on the stairwell to return to the Ground Floor. You can switch between these two areas as often as you like by tapping the hand or door.

When you open the Basement/Below area, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of new furniture pieces for this room. When the Basement door is closed, that indicates that there are currently no feline visitors. The Basement door is open with a light shining out means the oppositeyou have guests! When you have the right mix of furniture items in your Basement area, a new roster of special cats will begin to visit.



It is an enjoyable game, but it would do better if the developers could add more open areas to access. Farming and grinding are grueling, but if you have nothing better to do, the game isn’t a bad deal at all.

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