Five Blogs and Wikis to Follow in 2022

In the age of disinformation and fake news, people need to find information that’s both trustable and credible. One of the critical facets of disinformation is that these misinformation sources struggle to produce long-form content.

Precisely because the purpose of fake news is to spread as quickly as possible, bearers of untruths victimize people through social media, where short snippets of text and images go together quickly. Never has the adage “seeing is believing” been so untrue in the history of humans. On the internet, what you see may not be accurate.

I think blogging provides a continuous avenue for people to express themselves while being responsible for writing. Blogging remains a credible avenue for information. Even businesses utilize professional blogging services to grow their brand identity.

If you’re interested in reading more blogs and wikis this year, check out these sites:

The Philosophical Salon

The Philosophical Salon is a great place to read if you’re into philosophy, critical theory, sociology, and everything else in between. This is a fantastic site where they post new treatises regularly, and there’s always something to read and learn here—even Slavoj Zizek blogs here (with the editor’s help, of course). I love The Philosophical Salon because the content is always fresh. They don’t have much of a delay with posting content, so they’re able to tackle critical global issues as they appear on the horizon. Bookmark-worthy!

n + 1

Anyone who has struggled with the personal essay has likely encountered at least one unique piece from n + 1. They have a digital and physical bookstore, and like The Philosophical Salon, they publish new content nonstop. I first encountered n + 1 in the summer of 2016, and I have not looked back since. They have a free-to-read archive, so don’t shy away from having a subscription model. Topics in n + 1 range from politics to memory and remembering (which is a dominant theme when writing a personal essay)—all in all, a good pick for private readings.

New Left Review

While not exactly a blog, NLR does provide some excellent readings on Marxism, critical reading, and other great subjects. If you have an academic slant, you must read free stuff from NLR. And if you have extra cash, it won’t hurt to purchase issues. Let’s support great reading, shall we?  

No Subject

No Subject is a great place to start if you’re exploring Lacanian psychoanalysis and just modern psychoanalysis in general. If you’ve been reading Freud and you’re into things like perversions, totem, subject, and taboos, you’re my kind of a weirdo, and you deserve to find good stuff on No Subject.


Again, this isn’t exactly a blog but a community-powered wiki. Monoskop features information on culture, authors, theories, theorists, and arts and sometimes provides links to downloadable content that is freely available in the public domain.

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