To the Filipino people,

I hate you. 

Why the fuck do you support or enable false idols, dictators, criminals, plunderers, imperial powers who snatch away our chance to develop? Of all people, why Ferdinand Marcos or Rodrigo Duterte? Because their promises are all-encompassing and entirely alluring? Because it is much more convenient to depend the fate of an entire people—composed of millions of people hailing from different racial, economic, social, religious, or even ideological backgrounds—on a “strongman” whose philosophy includes mass murder, violence, moral depravity, fraud, and plunder? 

Why the fuck do you remain silent in the face of tens of thousands—more than 30,000!—killings in our midst? While politicians jockey around the circus that we call elections to secure positions of power, uniformed and masked killers continue the murderous rampage that they have started. The killings continue! But, fuck, you stare the bloodshed eyeball-to-eyeball and refuse to do nothing! Worse, you support the very same murderers who unleashed the barbaric executioners within us! Outside of that, these same murderers inflict on us a dysfunctional response to an ongoing pandemic that leads to millions afflicted with the contagion, thousands of deaths, and an entire web of economic deterioration: joblessness, skyrocketing risk of hunger, and an economy in shambles. 

But, putangina, a lot of you continue to supp—


I forgot something. 

A few days ago, a woman clad in a blue dress—with a pink ribbon on her chest—spoke about… literally something else. Not about shooting someone in the face, about that sickening desire to fuck a rape victim, or an endless string of insults against perceived enemies, but about hope. Recovery. Standing up. Unity (with justice). National healing. Basically, a new start after the long night(mare)—a new dawn after close to six years of darkness and assassinations and theft of our nation’s coffers.

She’s not the movement, nor is she a messiah. She’s just one among us, standing up as we do—as we implored her to do—and taking on the challenge of saving and resuscitating our country after years of endless bloodshed, injustice, and that seemingly formidable shade of hopelessness.

Until we take on the challenge ourselves, until we decide—once and for all—to not take the issues that indisposes and enfeeble and browbeats us sitting down, until we jump on that gallop for change—for hope that is not hinged upon a false sense of society—then I will reserve this hatred on you.

The same hatred that comes from a vantage point of rage—and of love, above all.

I hate you, but it stems from the love I have been trying to lavish you with. Can you reciprocate that love—by fighting back against the forces of evil that strive to inundate us with an incessant stream of death?

For our liberation,

Karl Patrick Wilfred M. Suyat

Karl Patrick Wilfred M. Suyat has been a campus journalist and writer for almost seven years, and a political activist for three years. Currently, he sits as a provincial coordinator of the College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines, a member of the Institute for Nationalist Studies, and a contributor for a host of publications. Email Karl at:

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