Dear Deadlines,

I am the type of person who does not have grudges or pure hate towards something. I may have some moments that I curse and damn a thing or two, but it always passes. I always forgive, but I never forget especially in terms of accountability. 

With you, I always have butterflies in my stomach whenever I see your notification passing through my laptop or smartphone’s monitor. I can’t help but make my hands shiver and my heart palpitate. It seems like you always make my life a race. Something that holds accountable for the daily activities that I do in order to say that I am productive. In the meantime, you make me rest. Rest assured that you are in no rush and I can finish you in the ample amount of time that I needed. 

I thank you for the late-night bonding to beat you, crying season to prove my worth, and victories of acing the tasks I need to do in the first place because you always make me realize how important you are with my life. Without you, where would my progress be? You make me move forward, and I will always be pleased with all those memories and more to come.

Here you are again, constantly reminding me of our essence. I just pray that we are still complementing each other despite all the demands you’re asking as I grow older. I will grow old with you, and cheers for more years to come.


Micah Corin A. Salonoy

Micah Corin A. Salonoy is a HUMSS graduate of Manuel A. Roxas Senior High School – Manila. Salonoy became Ang Gulong’s editor-in-chief in the school year 2018–2019, becoming a two-time RSPC Qualifier (2014, 2018). Together with 17 other Filipino students, she represented the Philippines in the third batch of the MEXT’s Asia KAKEHASHI Project. Email Micah at:

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