little wanderer

She still lives there, you know
short, small, scurrying from the desert sun
back into a house
that boasts nine split ACs
a black-leather Lay-Z boy
three dogs
and a family that completes itself by 9pm sharp
every Thursday.

I checked in on her earlier,
she’s got a lot on her mind today
like that Maths test she flunked
like her mother’s laughter
her father’s smile
her dream of becoming something

With a little bounce
she sits up from her bed
and she gazes around her
at her multicolored dresser
her anime posters
the view of streets
snaking around houses looking much like hers
and she tells me
“I want to stay here forever!”

so I smile, nod
gather myself up
and exit left
from this desert dreamland

she’s my little wanderer
and no matter how hard I try
I don’t have the heart to bring her home

Laya Rebustillo

A recent high school grad, Laya plans to fill her gap year with clay sculptures, homebaked goods…and writing, of course! If you can’t find her hunched over her laptop retyping those three sentences for the tenth time, you’ll probably find her in the lush hunting grounds of Robinsons Supermarket or Daiso.

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