The Diplomatic Rambulera: Thoughts of a Young Journalist

From the Foreword

This is what “The Diplomatic Rambulera: Thoughts of a Young Journalist” successfully reached—to let go of the hesitations and fear to the unknown and face the Other through the written text. Her conventional, sharp remarks about her life as an aspiring diplomat, campus journalist, writer, and exchange student show multitudes of how a youth flourished through the help of self-education and reading. She managed to stay truthful to her ideals—by showcasing the possibility of having a just and ethical space for her colleagues.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous commentary on my digital space, the zine could be considered as a creator’s “forgiving canvas.” Any patches of corrections and points of improvement are essential in improving the creator’s aesthetics. More than this, what matters most in the proliferation of these youth writings is reminding words, despite their lack of form—has its flesh and soul—and it is shaped on how the youth speaks.

About the Author

Micah Corin A. Salonoy is a HUMSS graduate of Manuel A. Roxas Senior High School – Manila. A consistent honor student who finished the Acceleration Program Curriculum of Sta. Ana Elementary School and Special Science Curriculum of Manuel A. Roxas Junior High School, she’s an incoming BA Communications student at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Salonoy became Ang Gulong’s editor-in-chief in the school year 2018–2019, becoming a two-time RSPC Qualifier (2014, 2018). Together with 17 other Filipino students, she represented the Philippines in the third batch of the MEXT’s Asia KAKEHASHI Project.

Book Details

Title: The Diplomatic Rambulera: Thoughts of a Young Journalist
Author: Micah Corin A. Salonoy
Book type: PDF (Downloadable)
Number of Pages: 48 pages

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