Vampire’s Appointment

The Vampire’s tubes sunk into my grandmother’s neck. He sucked out her blood with a ‘slurp, slurp, slurp’ sound as if drinking a cold bottle of soda through a straw. But he is a vampire so I guess my grandmother is a walking bottle of blood. I guess all humans are bottles of blood forvampires. Do they have vending machines with blood disguised as tomato juice?

The Vampire gargled my grandmother’s blood, mixing it up in his mouth as it bulges from left cheek to right cheek in a fast motion. Vampires run fast so it was a surprise to see they were fast at other things or perhaps we humans are just very slow. Maybe that’s why humans love quotes that are in the lines of “Living in the moment” or “Take it slow” or “Make the best out of every day.” Do vampires ever feel the need to take it slow? I mean, they might be fast but we do run on the same timeline. The sun rises and falls for us as it does for them.

The Vampire took the tube to his mouth and then spit the blood to flow back into my grandmother’s neck. Because, unlike humans whose saliva merges with anything they put in their mouths, this Vampire cleans it. I have been told that his gargling motion filters my grandmother’s blood. Not that I believe it. He is a vampire for crying out loud! I wonder if he gets his fill from this kind of job. Maybe he was secretly ‘gulp, gulp, gulping’ my grandmother’s blood as he was gargling it. Maybe he really was trying to help considering that her blood might not be up to Vampire standards since it is in need of cleaning. But why would an immortal do that?

We only visit the Vampire once a week, usually on Friday nights. I guess they still do not appreciate the sun on their skin. After each session my grandmother would complain about feeling groggy and hungry, and how scary the Vampire was. Her blood has been going in and out of her body for almost two hours because of a pale man with red eyes wearing a doctor’s robe. Who can blame her? The Vampire would greet us out with a smile showcasing his fangs. I could not say it was a pleasant sight but I can tell you it was a bloody one. Maybe he did drink some of her blood after all. We would then go to my grandmother’s favorite restaurant to order her favorite dessert. Her eyes would light up when she saw the waiter coming in with our order. And with every ‘munch, munch, munch’ she let out a smile. Now, that was a pleasant sight.

My grandmother might have hated the Vampire but I was grateful for him. Because of him, my grandmother gets to see the sun rise and fall, and I get to see it with her. I wondered if she wanted to be immortal like the Vampire that cleans her blood. But I had the feeling she would say no. My grandmother knew she was ill and she knew that her time was almost over. She tells me about how grandfather embraces her in her dreams, telling her to come home. But she was still here, her time was not completely over. So, until then I would have to take it slow and live every second, every moment with her.

Dana Dela Torre

Dana Dela Torre, 21, lives in Cainta, Rizal. She is a 3rd year BA Communication Arts student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Her passion for storytelling stems from her childhood interests in picture books, role-playing video games, fantasy novels, and Saturday morning anime on television.

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