Zodiac Signs as Book Genres

You should get yourself into the habit of reading fantastic novels regardless of whether you’re spending time at the beach, at the pool, or at home in quarantine. It’s the best since there’s time to read different types of material. Also, regardless of how busy our schedules may be, we can always find time to exercise our imaginations and/or learn about history, different cultures, and more.

No matter your personality, we have titles that match your interests based on the stars. Find out your zodiac sign, and you’ll discover the perfect novels that entice you to read. Let the aid of the stars choose an excellent genre and help you excel in your reading game.


Everyone knows what an Aries is like, even before they ask if that person is an Aries. Though they are best known for having one of the worst tempers in the entire family of celestial signs, the Aries are also naturally contemplative and easily bored.

Aries are known for trying out everything—this tendency extends to things like what they’re going to eat for dinner or what book they’re going to read next.

Nearly all Aries are from the same tribe—they are interested in intellectually stimulating writing. They cherish challenging texts and unconventional prose and poetry.

They begin reading with the understanding that they’re probably going to tear apart the book, so it has to be able to withstand the critical assault. The books that survive an Aries reading are relegated to the ‘classics’ that they can’t stop talking about.

Likes: The Aries are boundless in their search for the next challenging read. It has to be good. It has to be meaningful. The Aries folk dabble in all genres, from romance to science fiction.

Dislikes: Bad writing, no matter what the genre. Don’t give any Aries a book unless you’ve read it. Aries deal with stress with blades and fire.


While the Taurus are often described as softy, earth folks, everyone forgets that the Taurus are ruled by Venus, which is probably the most sensual of the ruling planets. (Oh, who are we kidding.) The Taurus are known for being extreme cuddlers, and they live for cold, rainy nights where they can just curl up with a hot choco and a good book.

As an earth sign, the Taurus also lead double lives as being nearly comatose from wanting to sleep too much.

But don’t let this fool you. As a grounded sign, the Taurus are capable of reading all kinds of books, provided that they don’t fall asleep while trying to do it.

Likes: The Taurus are drawn to realistic fiction and a splash of fairy tales—and a large helping of romance. Being ruled by Venus is hard. You can’t escape your ruling planet.

Dislikes: War and Peace.


The Twins know a bit of everything, which makes them good team players—sometimes. Geminis are also known for being emotionally unstable at times, and they think that getting into conflict and arguments is cute.

Charismatic Gemini, perhaps this year, might be a good idea to expand your take on literature and include genres that you have been avoiding for a long time.

Maybe you can start with reading some Wattpad romances to get those engines revved up? We hear they’re perfect.

Likes: According to the other signs, Geminis love reading online romances and webcomics with lots of ahegao faces. Geminis are also into confusing plots and discordant narrative voices.

Dislikes: Hard to tell, as Geminis change preferences pretty often.


Cancer are naturally quiet, bundles of nerves. They can be very emotionally-driven, using their emotions as their primary compass in life.

What makes this situation interesting is they also tend to absorb people’s problems as they crumble quietly inside.

Humble and sensitive Cancer, if you want to live to be fifty, you really should stop being everyone’s emotional packmule.

You have a life to live, and more books to read. Start reading stories about rebels who flipped off everyone in search of a long-lost love, or anything that has a Jumanji vibe, which is probably what you feel inside. That is all.

Likes: Any book in any genre where the protagonist epically sacrifices himself/herself for no other reason that he/she can do it. Which is every fantasy-adventure tale ever written. Some Cancer may also be into self-sacrificing drama and romance novels where the protagonist clearly has other options but continues to hit herself with a rock over the head.

Dislikes: Stories where the protagonist actually gets to be happy out of his/her own choices and volition. Also, stories where free will is discussed.


The fiery Leo is known for being a walking sun. The Leo exudes warmth in the coldest days. They know how to hope, and it shows in how they live and what they read.

Unfortunately, this tendency can also mean that Leos are prone to hoping for the best despite the worst circumstances, which may not be a good thing at all times.

Hopeful Leo, it’s time to avoid escapist tropes in your readings and start reading more satire and realist fiction. It’s for your own good. No, don’t scroll yet.

Likes: Probably happy endings.  

Dislikes: Not happy endings.


Oh my. The illustrious Virgo is an imagination machine, generating an average of twenty ideas per second.

The Virgo are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves and being utterly transparent, so they are going to tell you if they hate a literary work or not.

Virgos are drawn to the unusual and strange, and they celebrate the differences in an effort to understand the world their way, which doesn’t always work.

Likes: Genres that make you question the world or why you’re even alive. They are mostly allergic to romance tropes despite being diehard romantics themselves. Don’t ask us why, we don’t know either.

Dislikes: Cheesy plots and anything that doesn’t stimulate the grey matter past three seconds.


The ever-beautiful Libra, ruled by no less than Venus, the planet of love, likes the aesthetic of the finer things in life.

Libras are also consummate romantics—but probably not the kind that will kill themselves in the process (sorry, Shakespeare).

They like fancy balls and champagne and dresses and flowery language we don’t even use anymore. Most of all, they like happy endings where the guy gets the girl and he would sweep her off her feet. It’s not a surprise that F. Scott Fitzgerald of the roaring twenties Gatsby is a Libra.

Librans are attracted to any romantic plots as principle, but they like rich descriptives of environments and dramatic soliloquies from well-dressed lads and lasses. Good language is class, after all, and these sons and daughters of Venus will not have it any other way.

Likes: Anything with beautiful leads and pretty settings

Dislikes: Crass language; depressing tone (goodbye Cormac McCarthy)


The quiet emotional intensity of the water scorpion is not lost on their taste in literature.

It takes a lot to get a reaction out of the stern Scorpio, so they do not shy away from shocking, revolutionary fiction touching on sensitive themes.

Scorpio’s carnal reputation is also legendary, and they can probably tell you which erotica is good (no, it’s not Fifty Shades. Scorpio will probably point you to Roquelaire’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy instead).

Margaret Atwood of Handmaid’s Tale fame is a real Scorpio and it shows in her work. Scorpios, go ahead and add that next controversial book to your to-read list. You know you want to. It is practically second nature.

Likes: The taboo; books where people kill for revenge.

Dislikes: Fluffy romance crap


Sagittarius practically equals adventure. There is a childlike, almost pure joy in Sagittarians when allowed to read and write about discovery, which of course means that they are naturally drawn to fantasy and adventure genres. C. S. Lewis comes to mind, a wonderful fantasist who lent his talent to children’s fiction.

Another curious quirk about this sign is how overrepresented they are in poetry and songwriting.

There is a freshness and honesty about the Sagittarian speech that gives the Geminians, the natural ruler of language, a run for their money.

Emily Dickinson and John Milton are Sagittarians! Who would’ve thought, right, when your typical Sagittarius is just someone you want to shut up half the time?

Likes: Stories where heroes save the world from bad guys



Do Capricorns even read books? I think it is more likely that goats would own book stores, but would probably only read a book if it’s useful.

Capricorns are serious and practical people, always putting duty first.

They are probably the first people you approach when you need a self-help book, especially if it relates to finance. Trust me, they will have one in their small nook.

That being said, when Capricorns dedicate themselves to a craft, like writing, they always succeed. They write well researched and extremely detailed lores and are masters of world-building. I mean, Edgar Allan Poe invented detective fiction, and Tolkien is Tolkien.

Enough said. But your average Capricorn reader will have little time for fantasy.

Likes: Facts

Dislikes: Not facts


Aquarians are the closest things humans have to time-traveling aliens. These Uranus-ruled quirky people naturally live in the future, and are therefore always ahead of their time.

As readers, they tend to gravitate to science or speculative fiction, or some revolutionary unclassifiable genre altogether.

As writers, they are weird or controversial, and will usually take decades before they get the appreciation they deserve. Need more convincing? Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, and Ayn Rand are all Aquarian authors. (Well, Ayn Rand can hardly be considered one, but still…)

Likes: Something weird or different

Dislikes: Realism


Pisceans are the masters of the human condition (Philip Roth says hi). Possibly the most empathetic of all the signs (as contrast with the the most sensitive, the Cancerians), the average Piscean reader will love any work of drama.

More so, Pisces has the uncanny ability of looking at the lessons of the past, in contrast with the forward-looking Aquarians.

Historical fiction is a genre that Pisceans enjoy immensely, as well as the classics.

As writers, Pisceans are as wide and varied as the fish in the sea. Jack Kerouac, Dr. Seuss, David Foster Wallace and John Steinbeck are all accomplished novelists.

Likes: Any work that will make them feel something

Dislikes: Nothing. Pisceans will read anything and will just regret it later.

The Fates segment is co-written by Marius D. Carlos, Jr. and Jay-ar G. Paloma, the hosts of VOX POPcast.

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