Like Brothers Do

Every night in their sleep, I see how different they are
One sleeps soundly and in peace
While the other, sleeps troubled
Right side, loud snores are heard
And only as much as faint grumbles are on the left
On calm nights after feasting
Different interests are present in dreams
One dreams of finally making new friends
While the other dreams of a planet all to himself
One of them sleeps while hugging a soft toy
The other, a pillow
But on the eve of the other’s birthday
It makes me laugh how they express their jealousy
Snatching their supposedly shared blanket from each other
My observation proves their affection, though
For when their dreams turn into nightmares
Or when thunder and lightning makes them twitch in their sleep
Even when they fall asleep in between their own fight
I smile as I see the two
Blindly trying to grasp the other’s hand by instinct
In the dark of the troubled night
Eyes closed and asleep, naturally seeking comfort

Elisha Lilith S. Aguinaldo

Elisha Lilith S. Aguinaldo is a coming eighth grade student in the University of the Philippines Rural High School. She writes fictional poems and stories, and some fanfiction. Email Elisha at:

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