CCP Launches Folio On 2020 Gawad CCP Awardees

Celebrating its 52nd anniversary, the Cultural Center of the Philippines virtually launches the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining Folio, the official publication of the highest award given by the premier art institution to deserving Filipino artists and cultural workers, on September 30, 2021, 2pm via CCP and CCP Intertextual Division Facebook pages. Continue reading CCP Launches Folio On 2020 Gawad CCP Awardees

Aling Pacing’s Panciteria

Aling Pacing tried to remember everything. Her failing memory wasn’t helpful, but she felt that she’d been self-sufficient through the decades to be able to handle this. A final hurdle. She barely understood what the young medico told her at the Philippine General Hospital. Something about her atay, and how it’s not working as it should because of cancer. Continue reading Aling Pacing’s Panciteria